January 25, 2020 Meeting

Saturday, 2:00 p.m. 

Lafayette -Orinda Presbyterian Churchupstairs room 201

I. Welcome and Introductions: Richard W. Angilly, President

Presenting our featured speaker:

Aleta George

Jack London was known for his world adventures, but his training ground and lifelong love was the San Francisco Bay. On the bay, he learned to sail a center-board skiff as a boy and as a teen ran with the oyster pirates before jumping ship and crewing for the California Fish Patrol. In his twenties, London wrote The Sea Wolf aboard a sailboat purchased from the sale of Call of the Wild, and in his final years spent a month a year sailing the Delta and the bay on the Roamer. "Always I come back to the sea,” wrote London. “In my case it is usually [the] San Francisco Bay, than which no lustier, tougher sheet of water can be found for small-boat sailing.”

In advance of Disney’s release of Call of the Wild in February, hear from Aleta George, journalist and author of Ina Coolbrith: The Bittersweet Song of California’s First Poet Laureate, about her book in progress about London and his lifelong relationship with the San Francisco Bay, the best-selling author's first, and final, frontier.

II. Open Mic  for members

IV. Refreshments provided by Gayle Eleanor and Sherry Sheehan