February 22, 2020 Meeting

Saturday, 2:00 p.m. 

Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Churchupstairs room 201

I. Welcome and Introductions: Richard W. Angilly, President

Presenting our featured speaker:

Robert Eastwood

who will read from his new book, Locus/Loci, which has as its theme a sense of place. Lois Philips Hudson said, “Place is space infused by meaning.” Our lives are lived in places, and it’s no wonder locations hold special meaning. We absorb their features in memory because of what happened at a certain time and place (locus), but we also absorb them in the making of our very being. Locus/Loci is a collection, where, in each poem, something meaningful happened, here in our own country, or in places somewhere else in the world (loci); happenings that are from direct experience, or derive from history, myth, or tradition. Dante di Stefano said of Locus/Loci: The semaphore-arms of these finely wrought poems gather paradise from 96th & Main in Los Angeles to Cezanne's Provence.

Robert Eastwood is Vice-President of the Ina Coolbrith Circle. He is a prize-winning poet, widely published both online and in print. His first book, Snare, was published in 2016 by Broadstone Books. His second, Romer, was published in 2018 by Etruscan Press.

II. Open Mic  for members

IV. Refreshments provided by Stan Morner and Sherry Sheehan