February 24th Meeting 

I.  Welcome and Introductions: Richard W. Angilly, President

II.  Program Chair: Tanya Joyce


Poetry and Place in California, Part II

Part Two of this program starts with the "Cat City" (Cathedral City) artists of the 1930s and early 1940s in the Palm Springs area and moves north to the Bay Area for a look at a few of the Beats, emphasizing how the Free Speech Movement and the 1968-69 strike at San Francisco State affected Bay Area artists. The presentation touches on San Francisco gentrification, beginning in the 1980s, and how rising living costs helped move the arts beyond San Francisco itself and into the much wider geographic region we have today. A few vignettes of personal experience include stops at the Mills College amphitheater, Auerhahn Press under Dave Haselwood, the rehearsal of a play by Pauline Kael, and poetry at the San Francisco Art Institute.

  • Tanya Joyce is a Bay Area poet and painter who encourages reading poetry out loud. She has worked in theater, radio, and as a featured reader to get poetry off the page and into what ancient Welsh bards called "tongue music." Tanya has presented scholarly papers on topics in Medieval English poetry at national and internatrional conferences. While still a graduate student, she became "the voice of Geoffrey Chaucer" for the first U.S. language laboratory tapes of Chaucer's English under a grant from The National Council of Teachers of English.

III. Social Hour: Refreshments courtesy of: Denise Barney, with coffee provided by Sherry Sheehan.

All writers and friends of writers are welcome to attend.
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Meeting begins at 2pm

49 Knox Drive, Lafayette
Room 201 - upstairs