The Ina Coolbrith Circle Collection
in the California State Library

• In 2004 the Ina Coolbrith Circle
  established a permanent archive
  at the California State Library.

• The collection currently consists
  of 350 books and 282 President's
  newsletters and continues to grow.

• ICC members are entitled to have
  their own books and chapbooks 
  included in this collection.

"For California is a Poem!
The land of romance, of mystery, of worship, of beauty, and of Song."

When one enters the Rotunda of the California State Library Building on N Street in Sacramento, those words by our founder, Ina Donna Coolbrith, are one of the first things a visitor sees. If the visitor is curious and delves deeper he or she can spend some time exploring the Ina Coolbrith Circle's special collection, which archives her works and information on her life and activities, as well as historical documents about the Circle, including more than 200 books and chapbooks of poetry by Circle members.

Stan Morner
Read All About It!

Claire J. Baker had a wonderful idea, which got the ball rolling.
Working with the State Library's Gary Kurutz, ICC Vice President Stanley Morner has spent many hours helping to initiate and maintain our ICC collection. Stan's comprehensive article about the collection appears in an issue of the State Library's Bulletin. You can access it via the link below. (Stan's article begins on page 22.) 

A Permanent Home for Your Poetry!
All members of the Circle are entitled to have their work archived in the Circle collection. Stan Morner makes trips to Sacramento to add books to the collection several times each year. If you have a book or chapbook (old or new) of your poetry, you can give it to Stan at an ICC meeting or mail it to him at:
1441 Quail View Circle
Walnut Creek, CA 94697