2021 ICC Contest Winners

 2018 ICC Contest Winners 

Grand Prize:              Ode to Broken Things                                           Judy Bebelaar 

  1. A. California: James Roberts 

1st prize                       Angel’s Flight                                                         Robert Eastwood 

2nd Prize                     Eroica-July 21, 1996 at Stern Grove                      Alyza Lee Salomon 

3rd Prize                      A knock on the Door in the Middle of the Night      Ann Molin 

1st HM                        Getting to Yes, San Francisco, 2018                       Kathleen McClung 

2nd HM                       Homeless                                                                Denise Lapachet Barney 

3rd HM                        Pidgeon Point En Plein Air                                      Sam Hersh 

4th HM                        The Farallones                                                        Eileen Malone 

5th HM                        The Path in the Delta Near Locke                           Tanya Joyce 

  1. B. Journeys: James Robert 

1st Prize                      Dusk on the Road to Tai’an                                     Alyza Lee Salomon 

2nd Prize                     Prelude in C Major                                                  Deborah Schmidt 

3rd Prize                     Under the Moon                                                       Louise Kantro 

1st HM                        Journey Homeward                                                  Anita Erola 

2nd HM                       Returning to the Ruins: a contrapuntal poem          David Anderson 

3rd HM                        Bucket List                                                               Katharine Wilson 

4th HM                        Migrations of the Monarch                                       William Landis 

5th HM                        Shacking up at Sixty-Six                                          Sandra Anfang 

  1. C. Love: Barbara Crooker 

1st Prize                     Seven am                                                                 Diane Moomey 

2nd Prize                   Haibun for Joanna                                                    Georgette Howington 

3rd Prize                    Lowpensky Lumber                                                  Judy Bebelaar 

1st HM                       So, she said                                                              LaDonna Fehlberg 

2nd HM                      Long Distance                                                           Cynthia Patton 

3rd HM                       old saloon doors                                                        C.D. Giovacchini 

4th HM                       The strings and the Bow                                            David Anderson 

5th HM                       Straight Girls                                                             Jabez W. Churchill 

  1. D. Humor: Barbara Crooker 

1st Prize                     Robert Bunsen                                                           Bill Latimer 

2nd Prize                   Seven Deadly Gifts from an Unknow Suitor               Cleo Griffith 

3rd Prize                    Not Trees                                                                    Selma Calnan 

1st HM                       Learning to Box at Seventy                                        Judith Chibante Neal 

2nd HM                      Head (Not Ted) Turner                                               Jan K. Dederick 

3rd HM                       English: The Magpie Language                                 Evie Groch 

4th HM                       Elder Couple at Bedtime                                            Claire Baker 

5th HM                       Word Play                                                                  Jan Hersh 

  1. E. Nature: Laura Boss 

1st Prize                    The Dark Voicelessness in which the words are the deed      Susan Harvey 

2nd Prize                   Cellar                                                                          C O McCauley 

3rd Prize                    Fallen Leaf Lake                                                         Judy Bebelaar 

1st HM                       Gift                                                                              Robert Eastwood 

2nd HM                      Avian Angles                                                              Sherry Sheehan 

3rd HM                       Night of Thick Clouds                                                 Aline Soules 

4th HM                       Blood Moon                                                                Lynn M. Hansen 

5th HM                       Abrupt Change                                                           Norma M. Kohut 

  1. F. People: Laura Boss 

1st Prize                     Exposure                                                                    Sandra Anfang 

2nd Prize                    Internment                                                                  Eileen Malone 

3rd Prize                     The Martial Artist as Cancer Patient                          Dan O’Connell 

1st HM                        Sawmill Willy                                                              C O McCauley 

2nd HM                       Tribute to Neva                                                          Nancy Haskett 

3rd HM                        Nevertheless, she persisted                                      Barbara Saunders 

4th HM                        SHE WAS QUOTABLE                                              Sherry Sheehan 

5th HM                        Love is Love, Even if it Doesn’t Take                         Louise Kantro 

  1. G. Fake (Theme): Bill Reyer 

1st Prize                     Villanelle on the T Word                                              Marie Rosales 

2nd Prize                    My Mother’s Violets                                                    Torre Houlgate-West 

3rd Prize                     Metaphor                                                                    Robert Eastwood 

1st HM                        The Holocaust                                                            Claire Baker 

2nd HM                       Pay it backward                                                          C O McCauley 

3rd HM                        25 Lines or Less – in Your Spam Filter                       Tanya Joyce 

4th HM                        Fake News                                                                  Sandra Anfang 

5th HM                        Dance of Deception                                                     Evie Groch 

  1. H. Poet’s Choice: Bill Reyer 

1st Prize                      Ode to Broken Things                                                  Judy Bebelaar 

2nd Prize                     Color in the ‘40s                                                           C O McCauley 

3rd Prize                      Plums                                                                           Johanna Ely 

1st HM                         Not the One You Married                                              Katy Brown 

2nd HM                        Flashbacks in a Bottle                                                  Ellaraine Lockie 

3rd HM                         On the Death of My Right Ear                                      Judith Chibante Neal 

4th HM                          History’s Muse                                                             Alyza Lee Salomon 

5th HM                          Little Black Dress                                                         Sandra Anfang

2022 Poets Dinner Contest Winners

GRAND PRIZE: First Yoga Teacher Gwyan O’Gara Sebastopol


First: False Spring Dorty Nowak Berkeley

Second: Birth-Year Words Robert Eastwood San Ramon

Third: Bluebells Claire J. Baker Pinole

1 HM: Hitchhiker Louise Moises Richmond

2 HM: We Read their Names Kimberly Satterfield Emeryville

3 HM: Where Are We Gail Wasserman Benicia


First: Wabi Sabi Cathy Crystal Oakland

Second: Cooking Up A Stew Dorty Nowak Berkeley

Third: Watching the Yankees with Uncle Richard Mary Eichbauer Benicia

1 HM: The MRI Sonnet Dorothy Gilbert Richmond

2 HM: Le mot juste Deborah Bachels Schmidt El Sobrante

3 HM: A Bird in Paradise Jan Hersh Danville


First: Whale-of-a-Heart Johanna Ely Benicia

Second: Token of Love Sandra Simmer Richmond

Third: Love in the Time of Covid, a villanelle Sandra Anfang Petaluma

1 HM: Cocoon Aline Soules Danville

2 HM: Scent of Loss Judith Chibante Fresno

3 HM: A Grandmother’s Blessing Gail Entrekin Orinda


First: The Calligraphy of Winter Johanna Ely Benicia

Second: That Summer off Quartz Creek Road Marty Williams Oakland

Third: Atmospheric River Valerie Sopher El Cerrito

1 HM: The New Moon in the Old Moon’s Arms Claire J. Baker Pinole

2 HM: The Valley Aline Soules Danville

3 HM: Silk Moth Deborah Bachels Schmidt El Sobrante


First: An Ode to H2O Ellaraine Lockie Sunnyvale

Second: Estrangement Connie Post Livermore

Third: She Remembers Suzanne Bruce Fairfield

1 HM: Three Chords and the Truth Charlie McCauley Martinez

2 HM: Changing Course Kathleen McClung San Francisco

3 HM: Waiting Aline Soules Danville


First: Rue St. Honore in the Afternoon... Mary Eichbauer Benicia

Second: Probationes Penna (Pen Trials) Deborah Bachels Schmidt El Sobrante

Third: Geronimo Haikus Jim Cardwell Oroville

1 HM: Wizard of Oz Abecedarian Kathleen McClung San Francisco

2 HM: Ultimatum Claire J. Baker Pinole

3 HM: Uppity Woman Becky Bishop White Benicia


First: New York, March 2020 Dorty Nowak Berkeley

Second: Shugacity Kathleen Herrmann Vallejo

Third: Thumbing Around Charlie McCauley Martinez

1 HM: To the Jazz Combo Setting Up... Kathleen McClung San Francisco

2 HM: Smoky Hollow Greg DeHart Oakland

3 HM: I Am Wandering Sam Hersh Danville


First: For Susan Charan Sue Wollard Livermore

Second: Digging Laura Schulkind Berkeley

Third: The Apsara Cathy Crystal Oakland

1 HM: Solstice Shivers Evie Groch El Cerrito

2 HM: California January Louise Moises Richmond

3 HM: What the Bee Discovers Johanna Ely Benicia

2022 102nd ICC Contest Winners

Poems About California

5 HM- Yellow-Billed Magpies, Central Valley Gold: Cleo Griffith

4 HM- Happy Isles, Yosemite National Park: Arlene Downing-Yaconelli

3 HM- California in Early May: Johanna Ely

2 HM- Our Creek: Eileen Malone

1 HM- California Dreamin’, August 1955: Lynn M. Hansen

3 Place- Climbing Half Done: Claire J. Baker

2 Place- Next Stop West Oakland: Jan Dederick

1 Place- Way they saved/Trail of Tears: Sandra Anfang


5 HM- Heat Wave: Valeri Sopher

4 HM- My Gardening Gloves: Ron Kemper (non member)

3 HM- Copperhead: Robert Eastwood

2 HM- Catching a Monarch: Mary Eichbauer

1 HM- Unquenchable: Deborah Silverman

3 Place- Wild: Deborah Schmidt

2 Place- Above/Below: John Rowe

1 Place- Aubade With Skunk: Kathleen McClung


5 HM- Mojave: Louise Moises

4 HM- More Than Usual: Gail Onion

3 HM- Under Wraps: Jan Hersh

2 HM- After My Husband Returns Home With a Clean Bill of Health: Robin Michel

1 HM- Cleaning Out the Dishwasher: Ed Bearden

3 Place- Frida: Sam Hersh

2 Place- Voice in Past Perfect Tense: Ellaraine Lockie

1 Place- Field Guides: Johanna Ely

Poet’s Choice

5 HM- Let Go the Words: Tanya Joyce

4 HM- Not Fair: Becky Bishop White

3 HM- Secret of Life: Gregory DeHart

2 HM- Before I Became a Willow: Ellaraine Lockie

1 HM- Walking Alone: Connie Post

3 Place- Slicing the Papaya: Sandra Anfang

2 Place- And the Moon Rose: Louise Kantro

1 Place- Extras   for Jim: Mary Eichbauer


5 HM- Surrender at Bear Paw, Montana- October 5, 1877: Lynn M. Hansen

4 HM- My Brother used to Sleepwalk: Connie Post

3 HM- They called him, ‘The Loneliest Man in the World’: Georgette Howington

2 HM- Life Above the Shop- Deborah Grossman

1 HM- Photo Finish: Sandra Anfang

3 Place- A Well-Kept Garden: Arlene Downing-Yaconelli

2 Place- Hidden Voices: Robert Eastwood

1 Place- The Theif of Pompeii (Pompeii, Italy, 79 CE): Mary Lindberg


5 HM- The River Styx: Tanya Joyce

4 HM- Going to Greece  for Barbara Lyon: Robin Michel

3 HM- In Tana Toraja   Tongkonen Village, Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia: Deborah Silverman

2 HM- Early Morning Journey: Nancy Haskett

1 HM- The Yellow Leaf: Ed Bearden

3 Place- Moccasins Behind Glass: Deborah Schmidt

2 Place- Watching “Titanic” on Retreat at Tomales Bay: Kathleen McClung

1 Place- Vus Ride to Blue Creek Preserve, Belize, A Villanelle: Lynn M. Hansen


5 HM- Typology: Neal Whitman

4 HM- Personal Alarm: Cleo Griffith

3 HM- I’ve been Vacuuming Rocks in the Backyard for Over Three Hours: Nancy Haskett

2 HM- Sugar-rage: Nancy Tolin

1 HM- Stylometry: Evie Groch

3 Place- Catellan’s Banana, Comedian: David Anderson

2 Place- A Bird in Paradise: Jan Hersh

1 Place- Politics: Robert Eastwood

Theme: Poisoned Pleasures

5 HM- Italian Food: Connie Post

4 HM- The Son-In-Law: Robin Michel

3 HM- Semper Fi: Kay Renz

2 HM- Smoky Hollow: Gregory DeHart

1 HM- Morning Song: Robert Eastwood

3 Place- Some Kind of Monster: Daniel Williams

2 Place- This Dry Raisin My Heart: Mary Eichbauer

1 Place- To the Dial Painter    Waterbury Clock Company, Connecticut, 1923: Deborah Schmidt

Grand Prize Poem

Watching “Titanic” on Retreat at Tomales Bay: Kathleen McClung