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Guidelines for Submitting to the
Gathering 16

The Ina Coolbrith Circle

The Gathering 16

Call for submissions to The Ina Coolbrith Circle 2023/24 Poetry Anthology

Fellow Circle Members: ICC will publish THE GATHERING 16 in the spring of 2024. Please begin selecting work that you would like to submit for the forthcoming issue of our anthology. Each member (remember: only paid-up members may participate) is entitled to have at least one poem  published in GATHERING 16. To give our Editorial Committee the opportunity for selection, send three (3) poems which you would like to see in The GATHERING 16. Poems will be accepted at the Committee’s discretion. Please submit your best quality work.

Postmark Deadline for Submissions: JANUARY 2, 2024. Poems received with a postmark later than that date will not be accepted


1. An anthology of poems by members of the Ina Coolbrith Circle will be published in 2024 and go on sale at the Poets' Dinner Banquet in June.
2. Poems may be published or unpublished. If previously published, be sure to include bibliographic information (title of book, magazine/journal, anthology, or other, and year of publication). If a poem has won a prize, note instructions at 6e below. Poems submitted for The GATHERING 16 are eligible for entry in ICC’s 2024 Poetry Contest.
3. DEADLINE: Entries must be postmarked no later than TUESDAY JANUARY 2, 2024.
4. NUMBER OF POEMS: Each member must submit THREE (3) poems.
5. LINE LIMITThis is very important! Since each member is entitled to one page, each poem’s length is limited to 32 lines (space between stanzas counts as a line). If a line contains more than 48 characters (including spaces) it will be counted as TWO lines. If preparing on a digital device please use 12-point Times Roman or equivalent. If a poem is not consistent with these requirements, it will be rejected by the Committee.


a. Please type SINGLE SPACE in the form you wish your work to appear, and proofread carefully. (Note: We do NOT accept poems in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.)
b. Unless there is a clear reason for your poem to be centered (as in a concrete poem), please use professional flush left form.
c. Submit four (4) CLEAR copies of each poem on 8½ x 11 white paper. Clear photocopies are acceptable. You should have 12 pages in your submission.
d. Type your name and address ABOVE the poem in the upper right-hand portion.
e. Type any awards the poem has received, and publication in which it has appeared, BELOW the poem, in the lower left-hand portion. BE SPECIFIC, i.e., First Prize, Nature; Poets’ Dinner, 2020; Third Prize, Poets’ Choice, ICC Annual Poetry Contest, 2022. (Note: We do not cite honorable mentions.)
f. Enclose a stamped, self-addressed POSTCARD if you wish to be notified via mail re which of your three poems was accepted.
g. Please use ample postage when mailing poems. Certified mail will not be accepted.
7. SEND POEMS TO: Robert Eastwood, 21 Arapaho Court, San Ramon, CA, 94583



In 1919, poet/librarian/teacher Ina Coolbrith began meeting with kindred literary spirits at her home in San Francisco. "I want," she said, "the Circle to live and be ever widening... to perpetually keep the history and literature…of California alive...."

Today, about 200 members of the Ina Coolbrith Circle continue to pursue her mission to nurture the poetry and history, past and present, of the Golden State. Our members include poets, writers, historians, artists and readers with a particular interest in books by and about Californians.

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About Ina Coolbrith

Born in Nauvoo, Illinois, Ina Coolbrith was the first white child to enter California, making the journey with noted scout Jim Beckwourth in 1851. Poet, teacher, librarian, her "circle" of poet/writer friends included Joaquin Miller, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, George Sterling and Gertrude Atherton.

In 1915, by a resolution of the State Legislature she was crowned the first Poet Laureate of California by Edwin Markham at the Panama Pacific International Exposition. A biography and selection of Ina Coolbrith's poetry is available in our publication "At The Heart of the Circle" (2002). Please see the Publications page for more information.